About Handel House School

About Handel House SchoolHandel House is a small, co-educational preparatory day school based in the pleasant market town of Gainsborough. The school was established in 1850 and is situated in a residential area of town, adjacent to the Gainsborough Trinity football ground. We are within walking distance of the bus terminal and there are also excellent train services from Lincoln and Retford.

School Aims

The aims of the school are purely child-centred (see right). The school provides ample opportunity through books, computers, practical resources, PE, games, swimming, regular assessment, annual examinations, a prefect, monitor and house system to enable the children to progress to achieving these aims.

The classes in this happy family atmosphere are deliberately kept small, in order that time and help can be given to all children to develop their full potential. Progress is constantly monitored and communicated to parents bi-annually through assessments, reports and parents’ evenings.

In addition to the timetabled subjects, pupils are given the opportunity to study musical instruments which include the keyboard, flute, recorder, percussion and guitar. They are actively encouraged to play publicly at our performance evenings.


We place great emphasis on personal, social and citizenship education, resulting in young people who are self-confident, articulate, well-mannered and responsible in both school and society. Community involvement is an important part of school life. This has included distributing our Harvest Festival gifts to the elderly via The Salvation Army, 'cake bake' money to cancer research and the national non-uniform day raised a huge amount of money for UNICEF.

Regular contact between home and school is important. Parents are welcome to visit the school and are actively encouraged to do so. The Headteacher and staff are happy to see parents at any time if problems arise. Arrangements can be made telephoning, writing or emailing for an appointment. This is especially important in the nursery and kindergarten classes, where even the smallest upset can cause a child considerable distress.

Immediate and sympathetic action can soon alleviate stress and restore a child’s confidence and happiness if the class teacher or Headteacher is made aware of the problem early.


Our Aims

To meet the needs of every child and encourage a love of learning.

To provide a secure, happy, family-like environment and to allow all children to develop to their full potential.

To encourage personal, social and academic achievement through regular assessment and yearly examinations.

To encourage a responsibility to and for each other and to be well-mannered in both school and society.


School Computers

We place a special emphasis on Computing in accordance with the National Curriculum, including the learning of Coding & Programming.
We also ensure that each child is able to have access to their own computer during lesson time.