Junior School GainsboroughYears 3 to 6, our Junior department caters for children aged 7-11 years and in National Curriculum terms is known as Key Stage 2. Handel House has an excellent tradition of which we are proud. The curriculum is broad and balanced. Pupils are fully prepared for the 11+ examination and National Curriculum SATS.

Classes are deliberately kept small to enhance learning and allow for increased individual pupil/teacher time. The exam results in recent years bear testimony to this fact.


Junior School GainsboroughOur emphasis continues to be on written and spoken language, mathematics and science, with the entire range of subjects introduced earlier in the school being further developed.

German is also introduced in our Year 3 curriculum and, along with French, continues to be studied until the end of Key Stage 2.

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We believe that homework is an essential part of education in terms of consolidating the work covered in curriculum time.

In continuing from Year 2 maths and English exercises are added. These are, of course, graded according to ability.

Other subjects are included consolidating the work being undertaken at the time.

If homework proves too difficult, it is in the pupil’s interest to seek help from the teacher the following day. No punishment or reprimand is given for the genuine inability to complete homework.