Exotic Animals

Meet a CreatureChildren recently enjoyed a visit from a range of exotic animals. Dean from Meet a Creature, an educational service offering animal handling workshops, offered sessions to the Kindergarten and Nursery.

The children were able to meet and handle a tortoise, two snakes, a South American Tarantula, snails, a banded geko, a stick insect and a chinchilla. During the workshops, Dean explained the natural habitat of each species and their diet. 

Head Teacher, Mrs Haigh, said: “The children were absolutely enthralled by the animals, and the workshops were an opportunity for the children to see and touch animals that many of them hadn’t come into close contact with before”.   

Mrs Haigh added: “Experiences like this really capture the children’s imagination, and encourage them to think of Science, for example, in a completely different way. No doubt, these workshops will remain in their minds for years to come, and who knows, it may inspire some of them to think about a future career working with animals”.

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