Anti-Bullying Policy

School Anti-Bullying Policy Handel House School’s Anti-bullying Policy is dovetailed with the Behaviour Management Policy (with support for the victim and the bully) and makes it clear what the sanctions are for bullying. Bullying is never acceptable as part of life at Handel House. It is our belief that our children always have the right to achieve and learn in a safe, calm, supportive and fair environment. Pupils, staff and parents should be cared for and educated so that good behaviour is the norm.

At Handel House, all unacceptable behaviour such as bullying should be reported, investigated, and confronted in a firm but sensitive manner so that the people involved can be supported and educated into different and better behaviour. We are therefore strongly committed to the avoidance of bullying in all its forms. We provide a clear framework for dealing with incidents of bullying, ensuring that bullies are dealt with swiftly and firmly. Our straightforward procedures make it easy to report bullying, including cyber bullying and bullying and bullying outside of school.

Anti-Bullying Policy in Full

Download our Anti-Bullying Policy in full by clicking the button below. This policy is made available to parents or guardians of pupils on request to the school office, during the school day, or by e-mail.

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