Complaints Policy

School Complaints Policy This policy is made available to parents, staff and pupils on the School website and in the School Office. It is also made available to parents of pupils on request to the school office, during the school day, or by e-mail. The existence of the policy is clearly identified in the information provided for prospective pupils and parents. Handel House School prides itself on the quality of the teaching and pastoral care provided to its pupils. However, if parents do have a concern or complaint, they can expect it to be treated by the School in accordance with this Procedure.

A complaint is likely to arise when there are issues of physical or emotional well-being and security at stake, or when the school's stated aims or values are being ignored. A breach of the law will always constitute a complaint. If parents of pupils at the school do have a complaint, they can expect it to be treated by the school in accordance with this procedure.

We use the term “complainant” to refer to the individual or individuals making the complaint. These may be one or a combination of any of the following: a parent or guardian of a pupil at the school, parents or guardians of a pupil at the school or several parents or guardians of pupils at the school. This procedure encompasses the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Complaints will be resolved either to the complainant’s satisfaction, or with an otherwise appropriate outcome which balances the rights and duties of pupils. Parents have a right to make a complaint to the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted). Details of how this may be done are given at the end this procedure.

A complaint may be made by parents, pupils or staff. The School also has a ‘whistle blowing policy’ that is detailed in the staff handbook.

Handel House School aims to be fair, open and honest by giving careful consideration to all complaints, dealing with them as swiftly as possible. Investigations will be thorough, fair and completed in a reasonable time-frame. The complainant may not be entitled to all information regarding the investigation, but will be kept informed of the process and of the decisions reached. We aim to resolve any complaints through dialogue and mutual understanding and, in all cases, we put the interests of the child above all other issues. Pupils will never be penalised for making a complaint in good faith. We actively encourage strong home-school links and ensure that all staff have opportunities to discuss and understand the school’s response to concerns and complaints made by parents. We also ensure that any person complained against has equal rights with the person making the complaint.

Where the person being complained about is named as the person who would be handling the complaint in these procedures, their role will be passed upwards to their line manager. For example, teacher to deputy head or deputy Head to headmistress.


Parents and Guardians can be assured that all concerns and complaints will be treated seriously and confidentially. Such correspondence, statements and records relating to individual complaints, are to be kept confidential except; where the Secretary of State or a body conducting and inspection under section 162A of the 2002 Act requests access to them; or where any other legal obligation prevails.

The Complaints Process

For details about our complaints process, please download this policy in full by clicking the button below. In addition to following the complaints procedure, parents may also make a complaint to the Independent Schools Inspectorate should they wish to. For the year 2016-17, the school received 2 formal complaints.

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